WOW! WHERE THE HECK HAVE I BEEN??? :D Well for one thing, I've started on the grand adventure of HOMESCHOOLING! And what a roller-coaster ride it is!!! But, after the first year of Kindergarten I must pat myself on the back, for I have taught my little guy to read. :) Not your average "Dick & Jane" kind of words, mind you! I taught him the Phonics way! He's blasting through words like there's no tomorrow! He reads huge words, complicated words, words we don't really want him to know!! :O We're proud of him anyway. ;) So, on to the next school year, but now we have a new battle to tackle: handwriting! It's gonna be tough, he tires of it quickly! His finger gets a cramp, then his hand, then his wrist, next thing I know he's collapsed on the floor in a full-blown, "I can't do it anymore!! It's KILLING me!!!" Yes, ladies & gentlemen, I attempt child labor by forcing the good ol' American No.2 on my son. 

     On to my craft-life. Wait, what craft-life? It's dwindled to almost non-existentcy, sadly! BUT, on the up-side, I have managed to chunk out a few pairs of these little beauties! In the craft store I saw the hearts, I saw the crystal bi-cones, and thought, "Those belong together. Why aren't they put together? I don't see them put together in here anywhere! Surely there's at least 500 people out there who have put those two things together!" But, alas, no. I have found no one out there, yet, who have put the two together!! To me it's simple elementary! So, here I give you: CRYSTAL HEART CHANDELIER EARRINGS! Oooooo, ahhhhhhhhhh! Amazing! Well, not really. But I hope someone out there finds that much joy out of them... ;)                    


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